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A Tourist Guide to Prahran

Melbourne is one of the largest and prominent cities in Australia, which displays a cultivated and well-cultured vibe that makes the area a very fascinating. Prahran in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is an inner suburb located inside the City of Stonnington local government area.

This area is famous for its shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and medical centres such as leading dentists in Melbourne. What makes Prahran irresistible is that it offers a wide variety of entertainment, culinary, and shopping options. So here's a list of things you should do while you're in Prahran.

Track Down Delicious Foods at Prahran Market. Start your trip by visiting the Prahran market. It's one of the most popular food markets in Melbourne. If you're a food lover or maybe an aspiring chef, then you will surely love the different delicacy in this market.

A wide variety of food is available which will get you salivated. This place is prominent for it's warm and welcoming ambiance as it can make you feel hungry just by even looking at it. For years, this market still attracts a massive crowd of food lovers, especially tourists.

So if you're planning to visit this place, expect a great range of foods from fresh fruits, seafood, bakery products, and ethnic foods. The experience you will get from this place will surely give a big smile on your face.

Visit the Queen Victoria Gardens which are located in the heart of Prahran is one of the ideal places to visit and escape the busy and crowded city. Created to be the memorial to England's Queen Victoria. At the highest point of the garden, they created a statue of the beautiful Queen for her to survey her gifted land as a remembrance to her long-reigning monarch. This garden attracts tourists by its lovely manicured lawns and flowers with fantastic water features. Queen Victoria Gardens is a perfect spot for dating and walking your dog on a lazy day.

Shop at Chapel Street Bazaar, by now, you may already have an idea what kind of place Prahran is. But, there are still a lot of places you could visit such as the Chapel street bazaar. Here, you can search for the things you're fond of. Tourists described Prahran as a shopper's paradise, and without having a thought of it, yes it is a shopper's paradise.

The chapel street bazaar will excite the tourists, vintage shoppers, and even collectors with its wide range of vendors and a vast variety of products. Whether you're looking for vintage or contemporary items, this place will surely give you an excellent selection of products.

Come Party at the Revolver Upstairs. If you're fond of clubbing and partying, then the Revolver club will surely give you a taste of Prahran entertainment. If you ask every Melbourne clubber, they will surely know about the revolver. Known for its lively and cheerful music with a 24-hour license, tourists in Melbourne will surely find time to get into this bar.

Tired of walking and having a long day? Feeling stressed and old? You should visit Aesop's Greville Street store where you can have your complimentary refreshing tea and smelling the scented cedar wood hand balm. This store offers skin, hair and body care formulations on the highest and most exceptional quality which will be essential for your beauty. Pizza Fest at Lucky Coq Corner is the best place for you if you're in Prahran. The lucky Coq Corner is worth the visit if you're in the mood for pizza. It's a unique pizzeria where you can find a wide variety of pizza flavors. From sweet, savory, to mixed berry variants. Delicious sweet pizzas are a favorite among this place. They offer chocolate, banana, and the ever-famous Nutella pizza.

Aside from having pizza, they also host festivals, events, and even open techno parties. So what are you waiting for?

Prahran is one of the most visited places in Melbourne, Australia. So if you're a tourist, make sure to include Prahran on your itinerary. It will surely give you the best and most exceptional experience while you're in Melbourne.