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A Tourist Guide to Southbank in Melbourne

Southbank is a very beautifully and well-designed neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia and the people who visit the place have claimed that it is worth visiting. It was once an industrial hub of south Melbourne but now its is one of the top attractions and many people visit the place each day to try out many different things that the city has to offer.

Southbank, like we said earlier was an industrial hub but it’s now transformed into a very beautiful neighborhood with a lot of elite apartments and buildings for official purposes. In this Southbank, Melbourne guide we will share with you everything that you need to know about he Southbank. So if you were planning to move to the place or just want to visit you would know what to expect from the place.

There are many things that you can do if you ever get a chance to visit Southbank. Southbank offer high-end apartments but also the city has a lot of places to visit and there are many cafes and bars that you would be able to visit. You can enjoy a lot of places and beautiful views that the city has.

The first and most attractive place on our list is the Crown Casino in Melbourne. It is a very famous casino and resort in the Southbank. They offer a very luxurious and elegant accommodation to many celebrities who visit the place. The resorts have about 1600 rooms. Apart from the casino they have a theatre, spa, arcade games, live theatre, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Melbourne Recital Centre is another famous place to visit in Southbank is the Melbourne Recital Centre. The Melbourne Recital centre hosts about 450 concerts and several events each year. The artists here play musics of all genres and people just gather around to enjoy them.

The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the largest and oldest art museum all around the Australia. People from all across the globe come to Southbank to visit this spectacular art museum. The gallery has art collections from very famous artists like Picasso, René Magritte and many more. The gallery hosts many free and paid exhibitions of the art each year.

The Arts Centre Melbourne is one of the most famous and frequently visits yes performing arts centre in Southbank. There are many shows that take place in this centre. It’s situated near the Yarra River and hosts art shows and theatre shows in the complex. It is also known as Australia’s busiest centre for performing arts.

While you are visiting Southbank you would be amazed to see what all other than sightseeing the city has to offer. There are many bars, restaurants and cafes and other fun activities for you to enjoy in the city.

The one thing you must not miss out on while visiting the Southbank is to take the Melbourne river cruise. You would be able to enjoy all the places and view the famous and amazing places of Southbank. The cruise takes place on the Yarra River and travel towards the Dockland. You would be able to enjoy very delicious delicacies that are served on the cruise.

There are many high end and casuals restaurants that are available in the neighborhood. You would be amazed to try the different cuisines and various dishes that these restaurants have to offer. These restaurants are also perfect for a special occasion like a date night and birthdays.

If you are looking to go out with friends or family to enjoy a nice evening or want a chance to chill with your loved ones. You can definitely visit the very exclusive bars that the city has to offer. You’d be amazed to see the creativity that people have put in to the place and have made them look really nice and comfortable for the people who are visiting. We are sure that you would definitely want to go out for shopping and we have just the right place for you. You can visit the very famous Southgate where you can enjoy shopping and enjoy yourself with many resources of entertainment in the city. The most attractive part about Southgate is that you can travel around on your feet and enjoy the beauty of the place.