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This website (Site) is owned and maintained by Australian Dentists Clinic, (Referred to hereinafter as “Company,” “Our,” “We,” or “Us”). It can be accessed from and may also be accessible through other addresses or channels.

Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Australian Dentists Clinic is committed to upholding the confidentiality of your personal information and maintaining your right to privacy. It is our priority to keep your personal details secure and confidential.

Australian Dentists Clinic is subject to the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and any applicable Health Privacy Principles contained in State legislation in addition to other laws, regulations and codes concerning your personal information.

Staff at Australian Dentists Clinic are trained to adhere to our privacy policies, procedures and standards. We regularly review our privacy policies, procedures and criteria to ensure your information is protected to the highest standard.

Website Content is not Medical Advice

The Australian Dentists Clinic website contains content featuring oral health information. The information provided is general in nature and is not medical advice. It does not cater to your individual circumstances nor does it any address any disease, dental complaint, dental problem, oral health issue, dental health concern a person may have.

If you, or another individual has a concern about their dental or oral health they are advised to consult with a registered dentist and seek to do so immediately after the dental or oral health concern has come to their attention.

By using this Site and accessing oral and dental health information on it you are agreeing not to treat any information obtained as being dental or medical advice. You are also agreeing not to use any information on the Site to treat, remedy, self-treat or incorporate into other treatments for any dental or medical issues, concerns or problems you or another person may have.

Missed Appointments and Cancellation Notice

By making an appointment with Australian Dentists Clinic you agree that we have reserved the right to charge you up to $100 for missed appointments or appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time.

Copyright and IP

This website and all content contained within it is contingent on copyright legislation and other intellectual property rights.

Australian Dentists Clinic retains all interest in the website and its content except where explicitly stated differently. No action you can take on the website or elsewhere will transfer any intellectual property to you or a third party.

You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable, worldwide, non-transferable licence to use the website and content on it for the purposes of obtaining general information about dental health, the services offered by Australian Dentists Clinic and contacting us for more information and to arrange appointments.

Security of the Website

It is important for you to understand that the Internet is an insecure network available to the general public. Information you send or receive through the Internet can potentially be viewed or altered by third parties. Files you download may contain computer viruses or be altered from the intended state.

Australian Dentists Clinic does not accept any liability for any interference with or damage to your computer system, software or data occurring in connection to your use of this website.

You should make your own assessment of any risks to the security of information you send through the Internet when deciding whether to use the Internet as a communication method, including with Australian Dentists Clinic.

Sites Operated by Third Parties

It is possible the content on our Site contains web links which may transfer you to other websites or apps under third party control. Australian Dentists clinic does not approve, endorse or control the content contained on third party websites and apps, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. In order to determine if websites or Apps we link to are suitable, you should investigate them yourself.


We reserve the right to discontinue our Site without providing you with notice and at any time. We also reserve the right to exclude anyone from the Australian Dentists Clinic website and we can do so at our own discretion and at any time. Australian Dentists Clinic is not responsible for any and all Liability suffered by you in connection to or due to our discontinuing of our Site or excluding any person from the Site.

Site disclaimers and warranties

To the maximum extent as is permitted by law, Australian Dentists Clinic makes no claims, warranties, representations or guarantees about our Site or Content, which includes with no limitation that:

  • Content is updated, accurate, suitable for a purpose, complete or reliable;
  • Your ability to access content will be without any errors, or will occur without interference from viruses or occur without interruptions;
  • Our Site is entirely secure.

Use of our content, reading our content and acting on the recommendation’s in our content is done at your entirely own risk.

Liability is limited

To the maximum extent as is permitted by law, Australian Dentists Clinic does not accept any responsibility for damage, expense or loss due to any direct, indirect, contingent, future, present or unascertained liability in connection to you using the Australian Dentists Clinic Site or Content, or due to inaccessibility, obsolete information, corruption of data, inaccuracy, outage or interruption of our Site or Content.


To the maximum extent as is permitted by law, through use of our Site you are agreeing to indemnify Australian Dentists Clinic and agree we are held harmless against any and all Liability incurred or suffered by us in connection with your use of Australian Dentists Clinic Content or due to a breach of our Terms. This indemnity obligation is continuing and is independent from other clauses and obligations caused by these Terms. This Indemnity obligation continues to apply at the culmination of these Terms. We are able to enforce our right of indemnity set out in these Terms without first suffering or incurring any Liability.


Until termination by Australian Dentists Clinic, these terms will continue to apply. We are able to terminate these terms without providing you with notice, and we can do so at a time of our choosing. If we terminate these terms, all restrictions applied to you by our Terms as well as our limitations of liability within our Terms will continue to apply despite our termination of the Terms.


If a dispute arises between either party due to an aspect of these terms or arising in direct or indirect connection to these terms, the party initiating the dispute is required to submit written notice of the dispute to the other party who is subject to the terms detailing the cause of the dispute the claimant’s proposed resolution. Both parties must, through staff, directors or management who have the appropriate authority to act for their organisation in disputes, meet one or more times in order to find a resolution or alternatively find an agreed-on method for developing a resolution. Both parties must negotiate on the dispute in good faith. Every meeting done in this way will be privileged and information detailing the content of each meeting will also be privileged. If both parties are unable to agree on a resolution or do not achieve a resolution within 21 days of the provision of the written notice, then either party may refer the dispute to litigation by providing written notice to the opposing party in the dispute.


If any condition contained within these terms found to be unenforceable, illegal, void or invalid, then that condition must be interpreted as narrowly as is necessary for the condition to be enforceable. If the condition cannot be read more narrowly, then the condition in question is to be separated from these Terms and it does not affect whether any remaining conditions or the part of the condition that are still valid are valid or enforceable.

Legal Jurisdiction

By using this Site, you are agreeing to these Terms as subject to laws governing the State of Victoria. Your use of this Site unconditionally and irrevocably binds you to submission to exclusive jurisdiction of the Victorian courts as well as any courts that hear appeals from Victorian courts. Through using this site, you also are waiving any rights allowing you to object to legal proceedings being brought in the courts of Victoria or courts entitled to hear appeals from Victorian courts.

The Australian Dentists Clinic Site has the potential to be accessed from Australian locations and also from overseas. We do not claim or represent that our Site is in compliance with any intellectual property laws or any other laws of countries other than Australia. By accessing this Site from a country other than Australia, you accept that you are doing so at your own risk and must take full responsibility for your compliance with any laws of the jurisdiction you access the site from.

Last Updated: 25th November 2018

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