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A Vistors Guide to North Melbourne

Every time you want to visit a place, there are always various unanswered question that keep on running through your mind. You cannot avoid the curiosity of how the place is look like and things you can enjoy there. Therefore,the need to know about that place ring in your mind and as you are still planning your visit, you start seeking the answer towards your questions so that you can be aware of some things in advance. So if are you planning to visit North Melbourne one of these days or do you just want to know things about this suburb? In this article, we would like to show you the fantastic outlook beauty of North Melbourne that you never knew and the number of things to do that you will never forget after paying your visit there.

North Melbourne is one of the suburb of Melbourne City that has plenty of hot spot that you will fall in love with just at your first day of your visit.

Auctions Rooms

Well ,this don’t sound serious, right? When you make an attempt to visit this place for your breakfast, you would wish that you had gone there some days before. This is a hub of delicious food. When you get there, one of the difficulties you will have is choosing what to try for your breakfast and what not to. Every food here will keep you salivating. It is a place filled with sweet explosion that will give you uneasy time to choose but since the stomach is empty and time is going, you can start with one of this broche, the French toast and keep on coming until you try them all.

Twenty &Six Espresso

This is just another place that can’t avoid visiting while you are in this suburb. It is one of the great place known to offer wonderful food for both breakfast and lunch. You will experience great moments here as you enjoy the warmth of sun in its beautiful courtyard. The service is just outstanding here that will make you desire to visit it more and more.


Just take a short stroll from Errol street and you will find yourself here. This café known as the center house for cake that will make you recall the sweet sugary cakes you use to love when you were a baby. It will provide you with a variety of rustic big cakes full of cream,sugar and butter. The sandwich cookies,lemon curd, pistachio cakes, doughnuts and the coconut shagg cakes are just examples of wonderful food from this café.

Mork Chocolate Brew House

You are a fan of chocolate, I bet you are. Then this is an ideal place you must visit. The Mork chocolate brew house is known to be the providers of best hot chocolate in the whole city of Melbourne. They will give you an amazing cholcolate experience that you had never thought of. This is what they are known for just visit it and enjoy part of your day there.

Pho Victoria

The time is really running fast as you are enjoying your day in North Melbourne and here comes the time for your lunch. You want to have a fantastic lunch with no clue of disappointment,just get into this little corner restaurant and you will enjoy the delicious food they offer here.It may not look much from outside or even when you get inside but when they serve you there steamy fragrant bowl of the Vietnamese pho or just the noodle dishes, you will know that this is the place to be for lunch.

Queen Vic Market

Well, you want a large variety of food to choose from, I assure you, will get them here for your lunch, very delicious meals. Deciding on which food to take is a challenge you will have here. The market stalls is fully parked with various kind of fresh and tasty produce that will make you desire to take all. But since the stomach capacity is limited, you can start with the cheese boreks and spinach from the popular borek stall.

The Leveson

It has been a very good and enjoyable day and here the night comes that make you start planning for dinner. The Leveson hotel is one of the beautiful place you will have an enjoyable dinner.This hotel offers the traditional favorites like gourmet pizzas,schnitzels,parmas,ribs and seafood,very tasty salads and small share plates. In addition to these,they also offer a separate gluten free menu.

The Castle Hotel

This hotel is just another place you can visit for your dinner. It is known to offer something that will suit every one’s need including the children. This is what comes with their stellar pub menu. To know more before you get into this hotel,just visit their website to have the appropriate plan for what you will ask for.In addition to this menu, specials are also offered here in most night.


This is known as the best bar in North Melbourne offering variety of cocktails, wines and beers for bargain prices. It is a great cool place of cozy atmosphere of dim lighting to have your drink.

Joe Taylor

You want to enjoy high quality drinks under the service of talented bar tenders? Don’t miss to visit Joe Taylor bar. In addition to their weekly special board, they offer fantastic drinks including different tastes of wines,boutique beers and cocktails. In case you don’t know what you want,the talented bar tenders are here to create you one.

Cosmic Lounge

They say that those who laugh a lot live long and Cosmic Lounge is one of the place for rib cracking. Be ready to laugh and laugh for six days in a week as some of the world famous comedians and up coming artist come on the stage with their jokes to fully entertain through laughing.

These are just some of the best and greatest experiences one can have in North Melbourne. Just visit this place and you will enjoy your time to the fullest.