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A Tourists Guide to Footscray

Footscray is a buzzing suburb that is situated on the western side of Melbourne, Australia, 5km from the central business district. It was named after FootsCray, located on river Cray in London. It is characterized by a diverse, multicultural shopping area that reflects the high immigration rates experienced in Melbourne. Footscray has always been regarded as a cultural melting pot which appeals to visitors who want to enjoy excellent dishes and cultural diversity.

Footscray hosts several international markets and restaurants, food stores, alongside cool and modern eateries, shops and cafes. There are several dining options available from burger joints to African restaurants for you to choose from.

The migrant communities that have come to settle in Footscray have made the suburb more livable. It is one of the best destinations that you can enjoy a goat curry mixed with fresh injera courtesy of the Ethiopian immigrants who now call Footscray home.

The Footscray market is a great place where you find specialty grocers who stock everything from Mexican condiments to Chinese sauces, exotic fruits, fish stalls, fresh produce, and cheap butchers. Above all, some eateries sell Vietnamese foods such as Vietnamese coffee, sugarcane juice, and traditional snacks. Shoppers start to flock to the market from Tuesday through Saturday. It is a market that is buzzing with several activities taking place simultaneously.

The East African communities that have immigrated to Footscray are the secret that has made Ethiopian cuisines to flourish alongside Vietnamese businesses. Café Lalibela’s curries served with fresh-injera are ideal for communal dining. The café serves curries, meat stews, and vegetarian dishes that are complemented by fresh injera to enhance the taste of your meals. T.Cavarro and Sons.

If you love heavenly pastries, then you need to visit T.Cavarro and Sons for great cakes. This bakery has been operating for more than six decades now and specialized in cannoli. It is the best bakery that you can find in Melbourne.

Despite fierce competition, many people believe that Pho Hung Vuong Saigon is the Vietnamese food experts on Footscray’s Hopkins Street. The fun part is that dinners customize their pho using fresh chilies, coriander or mint. Rudimentary Rudimentary is a community and café space that has contributed to the evolution and transformation to a culturally rich and vibrant part of Melbourne region. It started as an idea to utilize unused land that was lying idle in the Footscray area. Since then it has created a great community space with seasonal menus that are finger-licking.

Footscray is a hotspot for the best festivals in Melbourne. Several festivals take place here including Laneway music festival, Biennial Arts festival and Emerge in the West festival (which ushers in the start of African Celebrations in Melbourne) Laneway music festival is a yearly block party that is held in collaboration with Footscray Community Arts Center.

Footscray is also known because of its favorite bass bands such as Footscray-Yarraville City band which performs throughout the year locally, nationally and internationally. Up in Smoke is a beer garden and barbeque smokehouse that serves the best slow-cooked mouthwatering meat in Footscray. It has a perfect spot where you can enjoy your favorite beer with friends and loved ones during weekends. There is a massive selection of bourbons and other liquors that are available in the bar garden.

Many people who have lived in Footscray, Melbourne can testify that it is an excellent place to live and enjoy. It has leafy streets complimented with quiet retreats and green spaces away from the buzz and hustle of the central business district. With mouth-watering dishes from Ethiopia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and India, to mention a few, Footscray has some of the best foods that Melbourne can offer at incredibly low prices. The cost of living in this suburb is also low compared to other regions in Australia. Whether you are craving for chocolates, coffee, gourmet food, whiskey, pastries or wine, there is something for everyone in Footscray as it hosts several award-winning restaurants that serve all types of foods.