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Fitzroy Guide to Melbourne

Fitzroy is part of Melbourne that is considered to be the hub of art and culture. The good food, live music and several scenes of art make it be the most attractive region in Melbourne to be a destination where you can spend your holiday or weekend.

It is the first suburbs in Melbourne that still values the culture and even blends it with the modern creations. The suburb is usually flocked by a large number of people during holidays and even weekends for parties and among many other things. It is considered to be the tourist center in Melbourne.

Here is the guide to Fitzroy Melbourne:

Old and Ancient Bars

It is the music paradise hub where you will find someone playing classical music on a daily basis. You can order one of your best drinks and enjoy it with friends. The area is quite serene for relaxation or in case you wish to host events such as art exhibitions and knitting nights. The entry to the old bars in Fitzroy is free and it is the reason behind having so many people especially at night.

Swimming Pool

The presence of several swimming pools in Fitzroy makes it remain cold even during hot summers in Melbourne. The area is open throughout the week and in case you feel hot or you are sweating then you can dip yourself into the pool. The pools are very tidy since there are several people conducting cleaning on a regular basis.

Club for Workers

It is a point where you can have whole night affairs, a quick bite and even enjoys a couple of drinks with friends. The workers club usually hosts several local and even international bands as well as DJs especially on weekends entertain Fitzroy residents and visitors to the area. The area is packed with local and international wine, spirit and even beer. It also has beer gardens and an environment that is suitable for hanging out in a very casual and relaxing evening. You can book your ticket in advance in order to get a chance to visit the club.

Night Cat

It offers one amazing live music that is educating and entertaining at the same time. The music covers many genres in order to make it suitable for those people who love hip-hop, funk and jazz. The stage is usually crowded especially at night at an angle of 360 degrees. The research shows that it is the most visited part of the suburb. You will be expected to pay a fee on Sunday night but on Saturday as well as Friday, there is free entry. You should also note that is usually open throughout the weekdays and highly recommended for any visitor to Fitzroy.

Rose Street Artists’ Market

It is one of the busiest streets in the suburb since it is a market area. All the commodities are handmade to mark the culture of the people. During weekends, you will see several local artists and bric-a-brac sharing their work with people. There are a lot of local eating zones and it is the best place to hang around when you have nothing to do over the weekend.

Photography Center

Both interstate and international photographers can display their work at a center for contemporary photography. The space is quite big and people can have a chance to view all the artwork for the upcoming as well as renowned artists.

Builders Arms Hotel

It offers a lot of things to the visitors since it is considered to hold the history of Fitzroy and even the modern culture of the 21st century. It offers some of the best meals and drinks in the suburbs. You can enjoy your meals or wine at Moon under Water in the evening.

Edinburgh Gardens

It offers the best place for relaxation after having a night of music and festivities. It has a large area with sporting facilities where you can have a breath of fresh air. It also has a statue of Queen Victoria and you can have an opportunity to stand there and have a photo.

Gelato Messina

It provides an opportunity where you can have a chance to enjoy a new twist of traditions. They ensure to provide new classical every week in order to keep their customers entertain throughout.

You can also have an opportunity to participate in the deliciously monstrous creations. Fitzroy is a suburb in Melbourne that is highly recommended for you to visit during holidays and weekends. It has some of the best eating points, drinking joints, shopping markets and a place where you can spend your time over the weekend or during vacations.