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Box Hill General Dentist

A general dentist provides dental care during routine visits and is able to treat the whole family, no matter their ages. Visitors will undergo a comprehensive dental check-up of their mouth, which includes checking the overall health of gums, teeth, and other areas.

Professional dental cleaning may also be offered, as well as the opportunity to discuss dental health or any concerns. Other treatments that are performed by a general dentist include:


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Dental fillings

When structures of a particular tooth or multiple teeth are damaged, they can be repaired using dental fillings. Damages can occur due to trauma, general wear, or tooth decay. The damaged area of the structure is first removed, before being replaced with a material such as porcelain, composite resin, amalgam, or gold.

Depending upon your needs, the type of filling that is used will vary, though this is something your dentist will mention prior to treatment.


When teeth are cracked or chipped, bonding is often used to repair the surface, which involves the 'gluing' of various materials using composite resins. They are then sculpted and contoured, before being polished for a seamless finish.

Root canals

If the pulp of a tooth is infected, it may require a root canal. Once the tooth has been hollowed out, it is filled with an antibacterial substance before being finished off with a dental crown to protect it.

Dental crowns

If teeth are very damaged or decayed, then crowns are used instead of fillings to repair them. Materials they are made from include porcelain, silver or gold metals, or a combination of the two.

Dental bridges

If teeth are missing, then they can be replaced by a bridge. This is secured by using the teeth around the missing tooth as an anchor and adding composite materials.


Teeth that are missing or those that cannot be replaced must be substituted with dentures to facilitate full functionality of the mouth.

Periodontal treatment

To treat gum disease in its early stages, teeth may be scaled and cleaned in intervals over three months. Medicated mouthwash may also be prescribed to be used alongside thorough flossing.

If the gum disease has progressed to more advanced stages, deep-plane scaling may be necessary, or even laser or periodontal surgery.

Dental check-up

During a dental check-up appointment, every tooth will be checked using instruments, which include probes and mirrors. This will allow the dentist to identify any potential problems, which could take the form of gum disease or tooth decay.

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