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Cosmetic Dentist in Box Hill

A cosmetic dentist differs from a traditional genreal dentist in that, rather than being concerned with treating diseases of the mouth, teeth, and gums, they are focused on aesthetics.


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Some of the treatments and procedures a cosmetic dentist provides are:

Inlays / Onlays

Often referred to as indirect fillings, they're composed of composite materials or porcelain and offer a cosmetic solution to repairing structural damages or decay. The inlays/onlays will be light in colour, blending in more with the tooth than other materials, offering a seamless finish.

Composite bonding

Teeth that are discoloured, broken, decayed, or chipped can be fixed using composite bonding. The material will look very similar to the dentin and enamel it is replacing, meaning a person's smile will look natural.

The composite will be placed on the surface or into the cavity of affected teeth. The dentist will then carefully sculpt it around the tooth, before contouring and hardening the composite with a light at high-intensity.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has become a common procedure, cosmetic dentists are well used to carrying out this treatment. Eating certain foods, smoking, and drinking dark liquids such as red wine, tea, or coffee can cause teeth to become stained. To counter this, teeth can be bleached for a whiter appearance.

Dental veneers

Made from an incredibly thin shell of composite resin or porcelain, a dental veneer is used to make the front of a tooth look better. The material is bonded to the tooth and anesthesia is rarely required.

If made from porcelain, the veneers will be made in a laboratory using a mould that has been specially created to fit the person's tooth. Therefore, dental veneer fitting usually spans two appointments.


Dental crowns can restore a tooth's normal appearance and shape if it has been distorted or disfigured, as they cover the entire tooth. They can be made from a variety of materials, which include ceramics, resin, metal or porcelain. Due to their cost, crowns are typically a last resort when other treatments won't work or solve the issue at hand.


Missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge to restore a person's full smile. They're sometimes referred to as a partial denture, as they're essentially false teeth.

Materials they can be made from include porcelain, alloys, and gold. They're fastened onto teeth surrounding the gap, which will have been prepared to be crowned. The bridge is attached to the crown and secured.

Dental implants

These replace the roots of teeth and are considered an element within prosthetic dentistry. Typically, a person's smile will be much more natural following the dental implant treatment, as well appear younger if gaps in their teeth have caused the collapse of parts of the face, which has an ageing effect.

A cosmetic dentist has the power to transform a person's appearance using a wide variety of methods. Although they are focussed primarily on aesthetics, treatments can also benefit oral health as with traditional dentistry, just with a more appealing look.

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