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How to Explore Melbourne

Melbourne was reported as one of the most livable cities in the world in 2011. It continues to grow as a city and a favorite tourist spot in Australia. It may not be the capital of Australia, but it challenges Sydney regarding urban lifestyle, entertainment, culture, and arts. Let's take a closer look at what Melbourne has to offer to tourists and locals alike.

Melbourne is home to emerging artists and musicians. From theatre performances, comedy shows, dance, musicals, film festivals, and art exhibitions, every week in Melbourne seems to be full of activity in the arts. Just by walking along parks, gardens, and the contemporary urban landscape, you can find public artworks and exhibitions that reflect Melbourne's rich historical and modern art forms. With over 30 theatre venues and studios, you have a wide array of choices from comedy, musical, drama, or opera. You can also immerse yourself in great food, wine, and entertainment in jazz bars, bistros, and restaurants while enjoying a beautiful view of the city.

There are also some reasons to visit Melbourne: Melbourne CBD, tour the Great Ocean Road and make a trip to one of the nearby parks, preferably the Phillip Island because there might observe penguins.

In Melbourne city, we can spend a couple of days and explore the city most beautiful attractions. Also, we can visit the beautiful center of the Botanical Garden. Excellent ocean highway runs along the coast between Torquay, about 75km from Melbourne, and Warrnambool, and is one of the most important tourist attractions of Melbourne, Australia.

It is a worth visiting place in Melbourne on your holiday. You can hire a car to explore this place at your own pace. It's a great experience to visit this place by car hire. Some tourists and locals are looking for adventure and fun on a Melbourne weekend. With just a short 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD, you can experience the different side of Melbourne with beautiful countryside and idyllic natural environment that is fit for some biking, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, tree-top adventures, zip lines, or a fun hot-air balloon ride. Kids will also love visiting the animal conservatory and wildlife.

The scenery looks fantastic from this historic road that runs parallel to the ocean. Vast empty beaches, hills and wild ocean dominate everything. From the beginning is nice but once you get to the section known as "The Twelve Apostles" the view is spectacular. The limestone is eroded by wind and under the influence of waves and breaks and separates from the coast, where stone columns in the middle of the ocean and formed countless caves and caverns on the beach. Erosion is so strong that the Australian coast at an estimated to be eroded two centimeters a year.

Another most famous place to visit in Melbourne is Philip Island. Here we can see koalas in a natural reserve, wallabies, and penguins. One of the main attractions of the island can only be seen at night. Because every night thousands of penguins return to the beach at sunset after spending the whole day at sea in search of food. This Island is home to penguins, koalas, pelicans and also a host of migratory birds. It is full of natural beauty, sports and games, and abundant wildlife. It is a beautiful experience to see the nightly parade of penguins on this Island. It is also host to one of Australia's largest fur seal colonies.

In the area of sports, this Island is very popular for its events like the World Championship Superbikes and the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit. Melbourne is also well-known for its medical tourism. From health retreats to cosmetic dentistry, Melbourne not only boasts of its impressive professionals in the field of healthcare but also the top-of-the-line facilities.

People from other states and other countries are looking for affordable yet high-quality treatment and service offered by Melbourne clinics and health retreats. Whether you are looking for a cheap dental whitening treatment or a health retreat center for some life coaching or skin care treatment, you can expect Melbourne to provide the best for every individual.