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Geelong CBD Dentures

If you are missing multiple teeth or all your adult teeth, dentures may be an option for you!

Dentures are false teeth that replace the teeth that you’re missing which can help you with speaking, eating, and give you a nice smile!

Your dentist will carefully work with you to choose a proper shade and shape of your missing teeth and will mount the teeth on a metal or plastic-like material to hold them in place in your mouth.

Are dentures for me?

Dentures are usually best suited for adults who have lost more than one tooth. Tooth loss can be due to cavities, gum disease, trauma, or some other disease. Dentures are better tolerated for frail patients, or patients who would like to prevent surgery as much as possible; this treatment requires the least amount of surgery to have all those missing teeth replaced.

Generally, children are not commonly suited for dentures as this may be difficult for them to manage and clean regularly, but it can be a possibility. This is usually due to an aesthetic concern if a tooth is missing and there are no other plausible alternatives.

Why not place implants instead?

Implants are an alternative to dentures as they replace missing teeth, however, not all patients have the ideal requirements to have long lasting implants. Implants can be quite expensive especially when replacing many teeth. They also require strong bone, excellent gum health, and a patient who is motivated to clean their implant well every day to increase their life span. Another factor is that implants may need to be replaced in the future, which can become quite costly for the patient.

Is there only one kind of denture?

Different types of dentures which can be used at our Geelong CBD Dental Clinic

No, every set of dentures is unique and personalised to you! Some dentures are removable (take them out of your mouth and clean them every night), or permanent (stays in your mouth, but are required to be cleaned thoroughly every night). There are two main types of dentures:

Partial Dentures

These are made if only a few teeth are missing. Partial dentures are usually made of metal or plastic.

The metal dentures have metal clips which are usually placed on teeth next to the missing teeth to hold the denture in place when you are speaking, eating or smiling so that the denture does not fall out. Often, the metal clips can be masked in a colour that matches the colour of your gums and teeth, so it looks more natural. Metal dentures are quite stable and usually requires less replacements than the plastic dentures overtime.

The partial denture can also be made of a pink, plastic-like material. This material is quite flexible and may look more aesthetic, however, this may mean that more frequent replacements may be necessary.

Partial dentures can be permanent or removable, however, this is an important conversation to discuss with your dentist so that they can see which options are best suited for you.

Complete Dentures

If all your bottom teeth or top teeth are missing, a complete denture may be recommended. This denture replaces all the teeth and is made from a pink, plastic-like material which will replicate the colour of the gums and will have the false teeth attached. However, because the denture is made of plastic, the denture will be more flexible which may mean that replacements in the future may be required.

Another option to have a more stable complete denture is to place a couple implants to support the denture. However, this will need to be discussed with the dentist to see if you are an ideal candidate for this option.

All of these options will be discussed thoroughly with your dentist so that we can find an option that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for you.

What is the process of getting dentures?

There are a few appointments required before dentures can be made specially for you. As dentures are personalized to your mouth, the dentist will be required to complete a few tests and work with the lab to create a denture that fits in your mouth comfortably.

Step 1 Initial assessment: the Dentist will determine which denture is best suited for you

  • Check your gums, dental health, jaw bones
  • Determine any procedures to be completed before making dentures (fillings, cleanings, removal of teeth, x-rays)

Step 2 Impressions: Once ready for dentures, imprints of your teeth will be taken

  • The imprint models of your gum and teeth will be used by the dentist and lab to create a denture to fit your mouth

Step 3 Tooth selection: The dentist will work with you to choose the best tooth shade and shape that suits your smile

Step 4 Check-in appointments: Follow-up appointments to assure you are happy with the fit, comfort and appearance of the dentures. Any modifications will take place as necessary.

How expensive are dentures?

The price of dentures is dependent on which type of denture is being made, how many teeth are being replaced, and which materials are being used. Usually, the price ranges from $900-$2500.

How long do dentures last? How do I take care of them?

Dentures can last quite a long time if you are taking good care of them. Here are some of the things you can do to increase the life of your denture:

  • Gentle placement and removal of denture from mouth
  • Rinse removable denture under warm running water after eating
  • Removable dentures should be brushed with a denture brush and soaked in a cleaning solution every night. Our dentists will recommend some denture-safe cleaning solutions with clear instructions to help you with this!
  • Removable dentures should not be worn at night
  • Make sure to take care of your natural teeth! Losing another tooth due to dental disease means your current denture will need to be adjusted to accommodate for a new tooth, or a new denture will need to be made

Sometimes even with good care of the dentures and good oral hygiene habits, your mouth can change shape. If this happens, the denture may need to be refitted or remade so that it fits in your mouth better and is more comfortable. If your mouth stays the same shape, you can expect the denture to last 5-8 years. A new denture will help with creating a more comfortable fit in your mouth and prevent any damage.

Contact our clinic for a comprehensive and personalised session with our dentist to see which denture is best for you!

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